‘Breathing circle’

15th June at Bind Yoga studio £25.00

A workshop Introducing yogic conscious breathing techniques including Diaphragm breathing, Kapalabati and Bastrika breaths, these energise the body. All of the above use the main respiratory muscle the diaphragm. Then calming the body using the nasal breath with added retention, balancing the hemispheres in the brain.


‘Breath and Bandhas’

13th July at MoreYoga £25.00

A workshop that will give you the knowledge of how to expand your lung size for greater volumes of oxygen. We will be practicing the foundations of kumbhaka pranayama and working up towards a maximum breath hold through visualisation, calming the mind, overcoming fear and taking control of our nervous system.


‘A Women’s Yoga Workshop’

27th July at The Well Garden £38.00

A 3 hour workshop, starting with a yoga flow that connects to the women's womb space, bringing your intuitive wisdom as a woman into the present moment. followed by a women’s sacred circle represents true intuition, empowerment and confidence. Sealing the practice with a unique journey into the womb space through the sacred practice of Yoga Nidra.