From a very young age I have always been interested in health and fitness. I was born in Sheffield, then after 26 years moved to London in 2006 this is where I discovered yoga. The very first yoga class I attended was Bikram Yoga in Queens park, London.  I fell in love with the way Yoga made me feel.  I felt revitalised, stressless and energetic, the more I attended yoga classes the more I started to consider it to be a career step, even though working in the fashion industry at the time was unbelievably demanding I found I had more passion for myself and more creativity within my daily yoga practice. I then made the decision and booked in for my 200hr Hatha yoga course, in Crouch End, London with an exceptional tutor Eleanor Ramsby.  This course made me feel like nothing in my life was impossible and my mental and physical strength completely changed.
Lucie's Classes are focused on breath and the alignment of the body. Natural movements created with the breath to bring asana transitions with ease and comfort.  Building strength and flexibility to your practice, Lucie will encourage you to take deeper postures and work that little bit harder. Leaving the class feeling a sense of calm, Refreshed and revitalised.'
SUP yoga classes are a fun yoga class which also brings you closer to nature using the element of water. SUP Yoga classes are done on a 10 * 8 inflatable paddle board, You will anchor your selves so the paddle board doesn't float away and you can start to relax. The yoga class is a slow class as much more time is spent on postures and transitions. the end relaxation is the best part as you can dip your toes & fingers in to the water.