Sup Yoga Teacher and Womb Wisdom Practitioner

From a very young age I have always been interested in health and fitness, I danced from the age of 11 - 19 when my life dramatically changed. I suffered a brain haemorrhage, I had right side paralysis, through sheer determination and 3 months of great rehabilitation in Sheffield Northern General Hospital I started walking again. It was a very slow process. 6 years later I moved to London and continued my career as a creative makeup artist. I then made the decision to change my career and took my 200hr Hatha yoga course with an exceptional tutor Eleanor Ramsby. This course made me feel like nothing in my life was impossible and my mental and physical strength completely changed. Yoga & Meditation became part of my daily routine, my attitude changed, my stress, anger and frustration dissolved to almost nothing through my practice.

After around a year through my teaching I began connecting with my own bodies natural cycles, and as a women I really enjoyed the feminine energy in my classes, I then trained in a Women’s wellness programme with Real Flow Yoga. This training really opened my eyes to work with girls and women through menstruation, pregnancy, postnatal & menopause.

I trained in SUP and SUP Yoga in 2017 and run these classes throughout the spring and summer seasons in London. The water is one of my favourite places to be around, feeling peaceful and calm.

My hobbies outside of work is free diving. This has become a huge part of my life thanks to Blue Chitta, who I trained with in Panama in 2017. Free diving gives you the skills of mind over matter and relaxation, using breathing techniques as used in yoga practice to slow down your heart rate and become fully conscious and present.